Cowboys, WFT Taking A Pass On Cam Newton, After All

Forget about Cam Newton with the Dallas Cowboys. Or the Washington Football Team. There are probably several others you can eliminate -- but those two reportedly at least had some interest.

Now, it has become pretty clear they do not.

Newton, 32, lost the New England Patriots' starting quarterback job to rookie Mac Jones. The Patriots promptly parted ways with Newton. He is now on the lookout for a new team, but at this point, wherever he goes, he'll be serving as the backup. And maybe not even the top option.

As for Washington, head coach Ron Rivera admitted that Newton drew some consideration -- but added that the Football Team is moving forward with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter, and Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen as the backups. Rivera, of course, coached Newton with the Panthers, so there is plenty of familiarity there.

Meanwhile, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has Dak Prescott back. And while the Cowboys waived backups Garrett Gilbert and and Ben DiNucci, they quickly swiped up Will Greer to join Cooper Rush to serve behind Prescott.

McCarthy told reporters he is “pleased with the group” of current QBs. So that means Newton, for now, is out of luck.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also basically shot down the idea of Newton in a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan.

“You know, most people in the NFL that are even in the personnel area I think have Cam Newton evaluated, and his pluses and his minus," Jones said. "You know, Norv Turner did a great job … when he was coordinator with Cam Newton. So, I think he’s no secret as to what he does and does well.

“And of course he was basically able to be evaluated if you want to look at it playing games and results and all of that as an evaluation. Cam Newton is not playing because everybody has evaluated it and they’re making a decision. … We were very, very easy to evaluate Cam.”

This isn't to say Newton will go the entire season without a gig. But with the season starting Thursday, he may have to wait for an injury to end up somewhere new. That's a lot different scenario than the one we were expecting in 2021.