Cowboys Unveil Uniform Color Schedule For 2020 Season

The Dallas Cowboys have announced their jersey schedule for the 2020 season and traditional white, which was worn only six times during the 2019 season, is making a big comeback to the tune of 14 appearances on the 2020 schedule.

"The tradition of the Cowboys wearing their white jerseys at home started in 1964 when GM Texas Schramm thought it would be good for fans to see the opponents’ colors, instead of just blue and white every week," Fox Sports reported in 2013. The Cowboys also wore white so opposing teams would have to wear dark colors while playing at the Cotton Bowl in the heat early in the season.

The Cowboys navy jersey was thought to be cursed dating back to 1968 when Dallas lost to the Browns in the playoffs after going 12-2 in the regular season. Then, in 1971, lost Super Bowl V while wearing navy. And then there was a loss in the 1981 NFC Championship while wearing navy.

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