Cowboys Radio Guy Makes 'Retirement' NFL Draft Promise That Goes Wrong

When the Dallas Cowboys picked left tackle Tyler Smith in the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft, Dallas sports-talk radio personality Bob Sturm had a big issue on his hands.

Thursday morning Sturm made a huge promise if Jerry Jones and his brain trust chose a left tackle that has some major red flags for his on-field performance. "If they take Tyler Smith in Round 1, I will submit my retirement papers," Sturm tweeted Thursday morning.

Then this happened at the 2022 NFL Draft. Oops.

“It was a great run, guys. Love you,” Sturm tweeted after he was called out on his retirement promise.

And then Bob went back to work analyzing football. There won't be any retirement cakes. Bob has a storyline for the 2022 season. Either he was right that Smith was a disaster of a pick in the 24th overall slot or his sports-talk audience will ride him nonstop as Smith turns into a find for Jerry and Stephen Jones.

This is 100% a win-win for Sturm. This is how you do sports-talk radio. Take notes, rookies.

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