Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Paid Nearly $3M To Woman Who Claims To Be His Daughter

On March 10, Alexandria Davis filed a lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to extricate herself from a supposed hush-hush agreement between Davis' mother, Cynthia Spencer Davis, and Jones.

While Jones repeatedly dodges questions on whether Alex Davis — a 25-year-old congressional aide to Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) — is his legitimate daughter, it turns out that the Cowboys owner has been throwing even more hush money at the issue.

According to an ESPN report released Thursday, Jones has paid nearly $3 million to Alex Davis.

Payments were made under the "child support" tag but Jones' legal representation maintains that the money does not serve as an acknowledgment of Davis' allegation of being Jerry's offspring.

The money comes separate from two trust fund accounts set up between Cynthia and Jerry, which has been paid out since the two met back in the '90s.

Included in the payments were supplementary bonuses such as a full ride to SMU for young Alexandria, two separate vacation trips that amounted to nearly $50,000 and a Sweet 16 birthday party with a price tag of over $33,000.

Davis' lawyer, Andrew A. Bergman, claims that Alexandria's objective with the recent lawsuit is not fixated on extorting the owner for money but to legitimize her biological link.

Bergman said the following regarding claims of extortion:

"It is absolutely false — and they know it — that I ever demanded money on behalf of Alex. They said, 'What does she want?' And I said she wants to establish parentage, and Jerry can do it cooperatively or not. Levi said Jerry's not going to do that because of Mama Gene. Levi said Jerry said Alex will never be part of our family in a picture when we raise money for the Salvation Army. That's the truth."

Alexandria also looks to break off from the discreet monetary agreement that her mother and Jones established.

Though Jones refutes his alleged paternal link, the Cowboys owner has been tied to Cynthia Davis since 1995 — back when she worked as a ticket counter agent at American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Alex Davis was born roughly a year later.

The litigation match continues between Jones and the younger Davis as one side fights for an alleged birthright while the other calls it a slow gouge for $20 million, per the report.

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