Cowboys Fans Beat Up Each Other Outside SoFi Stadium

What a day it was Sunday for Dallas Cowboys fans who took over SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for a game against the home team, the Chargers. Conor McGregor and Post Malone celebrated in Jerry Jones' private suite as the 'Boys got their first win of the season and noted Cowboys fan LeBron spent the day hanging out with Magic Johnson.

And Cowboys fans beat up Cowboys fans outside SoFi Stadium. It was a glorious day for Cowboys fans. The fight outside the stadium even included two fighters tumbling into a pond. Glorious, I tell you!

Watch the end of this video. Watch the rights being thrown by a possibly drunk guy and the woman jumping into the fray. This is pure 2021 action right here.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Browns fans were caught on video beating up each other. It was just one of those weekends where it didn't matter which colors you were wearing. Fans just needed to unleash some punches on opponents.

It happens. They were locked down too long and need to let the emotions out.

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