Cowboys Fans Beat Up Each Other As Things Turned Ugly In The Big D

What a scene it was Sunday night at AT&T Stadium where Cowboys fans melted down and started fighting each other inside and outside the house that Jerry built as America's Team lost to the 49ers, 23-17, and packed their bags for offseason vacations.

The chaos inside AT&T led to at least one incident in the parking lot where a male was kicked and punched by fans before police jumped into the fray to save the guy from a further beatdown.

Needless to say, it was an all-around ugly situation.

In a standing-room-only incident, Cowboys fans were recorded punching each other as 49ers fans looked on in disbelief.

You mix alcohol, Dak Prescott running a quarterback draw with the season on the line, and bloated contracts that will need to be trimmed, and you have all the ingredients for emotions to spill over and that's exactly what happened.

Dem boyz started punching Dem boyz.

So far there's no word from police on arrests made. This might've been a case of letting these people vent on their fellow fans and then everyone went home to punch walls and TVs.

Stay tuned for that content.

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