Could This Eagle Be Ready For A WWE Career

Lane Johnson is a big fella. At 6-foot-6, 317 pounds, the former first-round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles has got the perfect build to protect his quarterback, but that size could also help him in another job field.

How about professional wrestling? We've seen plenty of examples of guys going from football to wrestling. In fact, Super Bowl-winning tight end Rob Gronkowski recently had a short run with the WWE before returning to the gridiron.

Why not the star offensive lineman out of Oklahoma?

Johnson recently discussed the possibility with Trey Wingo of the "Half-Forgotten History" podcast. In that appearance, he says announcer Jim Ross told him he has a spot waiting on him.

"Jim Ross, J.R., was an announcer for the WWE. He was always at our games, and he would just whisper in my ear every now and then, 'Hey, if football don't work out, I got you a spot,' " Johnson explained on the show. "So I feel like in my heart, I want to be a wrestler, but we'll see what happens when this football's done. But, yeah, I would love to. It's something you never have to grow up in, just seems like a lot of fun."

And for anyone wondering whether Johnson could pull the switch from offensive lineman to professional wrestler off, it actually shouldn't take him that long. The guy isn't your typical hog up front. Just see for yourself.

Yeah, I think Johnson would fit right in -- well, as long as he can play the part. As far as looking the part, he's already there.

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