Cooked Cornerback Eli Apple Tries To Call Out Tom Brady

When you're one of the worst first-round cornerbacks ever to get drafted in the NFL, you have to stay relevant somehow.

When it comes to Eli Apple, the ex-Buckeye drafted 10th overall in the 2016 draft, he's managed to make a name for himself by bouncing around the league and talking a big game that he clearly can't back up.


Now with the Cincinnati Bengals (since 2021), Apple's riding the coattails of an impressive campaign by Joe Burrow and seemingly taking credit for wins he likely had no part in.

Bad Apple Talks A Big Game

Most recently, Apple decided to come out against the greatest of all time, Tom Brady, after the Bengals defeated the Tampa Buccaneers, 34-23, on Sunday.

In another win that relied on the herculean efforts of Burrow and a modest showing by the Bengals D in the second half, Apple got tough with his commentary and called out Brady as "fairly okay, but not good enough to win."

Bold choice of words there.

“He was fairly okay, but not good enough to win,” Apple said in a postgame interview, adding to some vitriol thrown at Brady when he shouted "future's now, old man" from the players' tunnel.

Apple is the epitome of a CB that will pound his chest if an opposing wideout drops an easy ball. The sixth-year CB thought he had some inspiration coming into the game when Brady called the Bengals defense "fairly tough."

But hey, a win's a win.

While it makes sense that any team would relish a win over Brady, who's caught in the middle of a down year along his illustrious career, Apple is going out of his depth with these verbal spars well, knowing he's a sub-par (at best) NFL cornerback.

Keep in mind that this guy gave up the game-winning touchdown to Cooper Kupp at Super Bowl LVI.

The guy can't even win over teammates, with former Giants teammate Landon Collins has gone on record calling Apple a "cancer" to any defense he plays for.

Time to go home and be a family man, Eli.