Colts Owner Irsay Has Indy Penciled In For 'At Least' Two Super Bowl Wins

While the Colts sit in third place in the AFC South, it's unlikely anyone in their fanbase had Super Bowl on their minds, but now team owner Jim Irsay claims titles are on the way.

"Colts Nation, don't you worry...we're gonna get the horseshoe at least 2 Lombardis this sure as the sun rises and the seasons change, it's COMING! Don't you ever doubt that, EVER! YOU WILL SEE GREATNESS BELIEVE AND YOU WILL SEE," he tweeted.

Think he remembers Andrew Luck retired and Carson Wentz is QB1 in Indy? Evidently not.

Now this could just be his ego talking, similar to the way LeBron James did in a parade before his Miami Heat tenure, but that worked out. So is it possible Irsay's expectations for the future pan out? Sure, however in a sport like football, distractions can be more impactful than they are in basketball.

Guaranteeing multiple titles in a sport that requires excellence from the coaching staff to the players makes a statement like this far less productive than when a basketball player says this. There aren't 15 players on a roster where a trio can dominate and then give the ball to their best player when the game's on the line. Carson Wentz has to be great, the offensive line has to get their catalyst guard Quentin Nelson back off the IR, and that defense can't be ranked 19th in the league.

A lot has to change before anyone can project a Colts championship, let alone several of them. Gotta love the fire though -- it's more fun this way.