Cole Beasley Offers To Buy Tickets For Unvaccinated Fans Missing Bills Game

The Buffalo Bills announced mandatory proof of vaccination for all attendees at Highmark Stadium this year. News of the requirement change will prohibit unvaccinated fans from entering a Bills home game, even if they purchased tickets before the update.

On Tuesday, OutKick's Meg Turner reported that as of Week Three's home game matchup against the Washington Football Team (Sept. 26), "all attendees must have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter the venue."

One fan down on his luck after the rule tweeted out at Cole Beasley to share that he and his daughter will be prohibited from attending. The fan said he had not gotten vaccinated since he had already developed antibodies from the virus.

The fan tweeted, "sad day for me as a Buffalo fan. I was bringing my 10 year old daughter to her first game in December all the way from Albuquerque. Already bought tickets. I won’t get the shot so now I don’t know what to do. I probably need to sell the tickets and find an away game."

Beasley had a graceful response to the fan's plea, promising to buy him and his daughter tickets to an away game not subject to Highmark's vaccine rule. The wideout has become known as an "anti-vaxxer" because he has asked salient questions about the vaccine, which has elevated his notoriety in the NFL. By promoting independent decision-making and standing in opposition to the NFL's COVID guidelines, Beasley has certainly made waves.

Reid Ferguson, the Bills' long snapper, also reached out to support the fan's decision and extended an additional offer to purchase them tickets for an away game.

“I hear you brother. If you can find your way to an away game this year, tix are on me,” replied Ferguson.

More teams and stadiums may follow suit and revisit the mandatory vaccine rule as cases spike in the winter and more and more fans develop natural immunity.

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