Cleveland Browns’ David Njoku Out With COVID, Doesn’t Feel A Thing

Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku was placed on the team’s COVID-19 reserve list Tuesday, meaning he’s unlikely to play in Sunday’s divisional game against Baltimore. And like so many others before him, the 25-year-old has not developed any ‘rona symptoms. It’s almost as though the fear surrounding the virus has been manufactured

Njoku, whose nickname is “Chief” and who's built like an Adonis, took to Twitter Tuesday evening to share his disgust.

“smh. I don’t feel a thing,” tweeted the clearly asymptomatic Njoku.

The fact that all players – including those who are vaccinated – are still being tested on a regular basis for a mild and predictable virus is mind boggling and maddening. If a player walked into a team facility any time prior to winter of 2020 and mentioned he had flu-like symptoms, he wouldn’t have been tested for the flu, nor would he or his teammates be masked. At most he’d be sent home to rest and get some fluids, but he sure as hell wouldn’t have been sidelined for 7-10 days like it appears Njoku will be.

Two hours after Njoku initially tweeted he wasn’t feeling a thing, the tight end reiterated that he's feeling well and healthy: “Thanks for all the well wishes It’s all LUV and Much appreciated but I really don’t feel a thing lol.”

For those keeping track at home, Njoku is vaccinated. So if he wants to play in Sunday’s game, NFL rules state that he must test negative twice 24 hours apart.

Players who come down with ailments such as the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, or the common cold will not be tested for them and will be available to play. Njoku, however, will be left to watch from the couch, even though he doesn't feel a thing -- other than disappointment.

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