Clay Travis: Vax Clearly Offered NHL No Benefit, But Mysteriously, NFL Suddenly COVID-Free

NHL players keep being tested for COVID-19, and they keep testing positive. This despite the fact the vast majority have been vaccinated and are asymptomatic.

And so now the NHL is a mess when it comes to rosters and games ... and for what? OutKick founder Clay Travis asks.

"So despite having 100% of NHL players covid vaccinated nearly 75% of all players tested positive this year already," Clay tweeted. "This means mandatory vaccinations of players provided no benefit whatsoever since the players weren’t at risk from covid and they still got and spread it to others."

Clay was responding to a report from The Daily Faceoff's Frank Seravalli, who reported that the league and players union are meeting Jan. 31 to review the current health and safety protocols.

While the NHL continues the daily testing and the daily chaos, the NFL has gotten back on track just in time for the playoffs. There were no reported cases over the weekend when both NFL conferences played their Wild Card rounds.

Funny how that works, Clay said.

"We’re completing a full weekend of 12 NFL teams playing six games in a week where covid hit all time highs in the country & suddenly virtually no NFL player tested positive for covid," Clay tweeted. "Amazing how that worked out, isn’t it? Someone should run the odds on this based on past weeks."

In other words, as is so often the case with COVID testing, it all comes down to the bottom dollar. When testing impacts that money too much ... well, suddenly it's just a matter of time before the testing ends, or suddenly, no more positives show up.

The NFL is there already. The NHL is likely to get there soon enough as well.