Clay Travis, Todd Fuhrman Talk Struggling Chiefs' Super Bowl Odds

The latest odds for the next Super Bowl champion have come out, and not surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the early favorites.

What is a surprise, perhaps, is that the Kansas City Chiefs are very much in the mix (11-1 odds), as OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out in a video with Bet The Board's Todd Fuhrman.

"Eleven-to-one for the Chiefs, sitting at 3-4, where they would likely be a substantial underdog, or at least they should be if you look at their schedule coming up," Clay said. "They should beat the Giants, then they've got three really tough games. I think the chances of them winning their division are actually pretty low. It's like people won't quit on the Chiefs."

So, are they still overvalued at 11-1?

"I would bet them at 11-1 as far as the Lombardi Trophy is concerned," Fuhrman answered. "Clearly there are bigger issues that they need to fix -- the offense pressing in the wake of some of their defensive shortcomings, the offensive line that hasn't come together as quickly as a lot of Chiefs fans and the organization believed it could ... with so many fresh faces, I don't think it's as simple as waving a magic wand.

"But there's no incentive for the books to drop Kansas City rapidly down. Because if they were to go to 20-, 25-, maybe 30-1, the liability in going to a Patrick Mahomes-led team with Andy Reid on the sideline would ratchet up pretty quickly. So rather than discarding them, you may see them inch down gradually."

But even Fuhrman has his doubts.

"I'd probably be more inclined to bet them to miss the playoffs than I would be to take the 11-1 (and pick them to win the Super Bowl)," he concluded.

As of now, here are the odds for Super Bowl champions:

Buccaneers 5-1, Buffalo Bills 5.5-1, Arizona Cardinals 8.5-1, Los Angeles Rams 10-1, Baltimore Ravens 10-1, Chiefs 11-1, Green Bay Packers 11-1, Dallas Cowboys 12-1, Tennessee Titans 18-1.

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