Clay Travis Recaps Latest NFL News, Including 2022 Draft, WR Drama, Mel Kiper Jr.

On Wednesday's episode of OutKick the Show, Clay Travis recapped the latest news around the NFL, including the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, trade rumors looming over elite wide receivers and Mel Kiper, Jr.'s fearless decision to remain unvaccinated.

Clay discussed the upcoming NFL Draft — now only a week away (4/28-30) — and potential moves that could change draft boards.


"Deebo Samuel, big-time play-making wide receiver/running back/guy who you want the ball in his hands with the San Francisco 49ers, has demanded a trade," Clay noted. "We'll see whether or not that trade is granted."

Clay added, "A lot of wide receivers, including AJ Brown with the Tennessee Titans, want to get big contracts in the wake of the money that Tyreek Hill got. In the wake of the money that Davante Adams got.

"So many wide receivers are making big dollars. It'll be intriguing to see what the Niners do, given the money they have committed, still, to Jimmy Garoppolo ... "

The 2022 NFL Draft will kick off with the Jacksonville Jaguars picking first overall, set to broadcast from Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium.

The Lions, Texans, Jets and Giants round out the remaining top five picks.

Clay also covered Mel Kiper's decision to remain unvaccinated and miss the in-person ceremonies at Allegiant over his personal decision.

"Credit to Mel Kiper; he is surging up my draft board," Clay said. "Mel Kiper refused to get the COVID shot because he probably, as a draft guy, looked at the data and said, 'Wait a minute, this doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would I get the COVID shot?'

"Disney has a mandate through ESPN that you have to get the COVID shot, and if you don't, you theoretically are going to be fired. But Mel Kiper basically threw the double-birds up at Disney. And as a result, they are letting him cover the NFL Draft, but they're making him do it from home.

"This is an example of anti-science lunacy."

Stay tuned with OutKick for Armando Salguero's Thursday morning column on NFL news.

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