Clay: Criticism Of Tim Tebow Says A Lot About Those Doing The Criticizing

What has Tim Tebow ever done to deserve such harsh criticism? Why did Stephen A. Smith say that Tebow's tryout with the Jacksonville Jaguars was a case of "white privilege?" And why is Tebow taking more grief from the mainstream media than, say, Deshaun Watson?

All are questions that OutKick founder Clay Travis ponders in his latest video.

“Tim Tebow, in attempting to make the NFL as a tight end on a roster minimum ... got criticized more for that than Deshaun Watson has for being accused of sexual assault by 24 different women," Clay says. "So I want to ask you this question: Why?"

It is indeed a mystery.

"What has Tim Tebow ever done to deserve criticism, other than try to play sports at the absolute apex of his ability, and also simultaneously trying to make the world a little bit better," Clay adds. "If every athlete carried himself like Tim Tebow, the world would be a better place. There's a level of selflessness from Tebow that few athletes are ever able to attain."

Yet few athletes are ever judged quite so intensely.

For more of Clay's take on Tebow and the inexplicable anger directed his way, check out the full video below.

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