Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Back Pretends To Be A Mannequin, Scares Joe Burrow Half To Death During Hilarious Halloween Prank

Bengals defensive back Mike Hilton is not a mannequin. He is a real person.

However, you might not have known the difference in the Cincinnati locker room on Friday. The 28-year-old pulled a classic prank on his teammates and scared them half to death.

The concept, which has been done many times before, is very simple.

Just outside of the locker room, the Bengals have a mannequin that displays the team's uniform for the upcoming Sunday. This week, they went with black pants, white jerseys and orange socks.

To mimic the mannequin look, Hilton dressed in grey sleeves, gloves, and the exact same uniform. The only difference was that the mannequin was wearing No. 2 and he wore No. 21. Hilton is also a little bit smaller than the mannequin. Other than that, it was hard to tell the difference, especially in passing.

That, of course, was the goal. As his coaches and teammates unassumingly walked by, Hilton jumped out and scared them.

The first few people who walked by knew exactly what was going on.

Tee Higgins did not. He was completely startled. As was Zach Carter.

Joe Burrow was scared half to death by the Bengals prank.

To close out the video, they got QB1 involved. Joe Burrow never saw it coming.

As he walked out of the team facility with a laptop in hand, he was completely oblivious to the mannequin switch. Hilton stood very, very still until Burrow turned the corner.

One of his coaches even pointed at Hilton to tip him off. It didn't matter.

The second that Hilton reached out at Burrow, the third-year quarterback jumped out of his skin. He even had to walk it off, saying it was "too early for that sh*t."

There is nothing quite like a good mannequin prank. It's been done time and time again, but it never gets old!