Christmas Cards From Brady & Mahomes, OJ Celebrates The Season & Joe Burrow Starts Walking Again

Well, that was a Christmas some of you will never forget

The last thing I expected to see this site reporting during Christmas Day would be what appears to be an intentional RV bomb outside an AT&T building. These days you have to expect something weird to happen pretty much all the time, but I didn't have RV bomb on my list of crazy events coming down the pike.

Six officers are being hailed as heroes for their work saving lives before the blast. According to the Tennessean, the officers ran into the area to evacuate residents. Those officers are:

Now the FBI goes to work pouring over surveillance videos to put the story together as to why Friday's event happened. The Memphis field office is handling the investigation and is asking for any help you might have.

• The bowl schedule offers up three games today, including dueling 3:30 ET games from ABC and ESPN: Louisiana vs. UTSA and Western Kentucky vs. Georgia State. The real action is tonight at 7:30 (ESPN) when Liberty and Coastal Carolina get it on from Orlando. This will be the first bowl game in Coastal's history.

• It's also a tripleheader day from the NFL: Tampa Bay-Detroit at 1 on NFL Network; San Francisco-Arizona at 4:30 on Amazon Prime; Miami-Las Vegas at 8:15 on NFL Network. It won't be long until a day like today is completely owned by Amazon, the next massive NFL contract bidder. Right now Amazon is paying about $65 million a year for streaming rights and could get its hands on the Sunday Ticket by 2022.

• Alvin Kamara's six touchdowns in a game tied Ernie Nevers who did it in 1929. Nevers also added four point-afters en route to a 40-point day.

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