Christie Brinkley Still Has The Fastball, Troy Aikman-Gardner Minshew Ab-Off & Did Dottie Rip A Fart?

I spent hours on the couch watching a Masters that will be forgotten, but it felt amazing

I believe the last time I spent hours upon hours on the couch watching a sporting event was AFC/NFC Championship Sunday. The streak was broken Sunday when I hit the couch around 3:30 or so and watched The Masters until CBS abruptly cut to commercial after the Matsuyama tribute video so the network could get over to 60 Minutes. Besides Hideki Matsuyama sailing a green and into the water followed by Xander Schauffele knocking one in the drink, I could've just taken a Sunday nap and called it a successful day.

The one weird thing I noticed during Sunday's round is that I never heard the bullfrogs that had been so loud Thursday-Saturday. It makes me wonder if CBS/Augusta National orders the sound editors to cut the frogs out of the biggest golf day of the year. I didn't even notice the birds as much Sunday. Maybe it was just me. I did hear Jim Nantz guzzling air as CBS threw it to Butler's Cabin. It sounded like he ran up the 18th fairway and straight into the cabin to conduct his love session with the winner.

As for the lunatics who called for the Masters to be boycotted, you would think they'd be fired up to get a Japanese winner since they're all about inclusion and people having access where they used to be excluded. Crickets. I checked in with Olbermann, and he doesn't care. I checked in with Bomani Jones, who has flamed out at ESPN. Nothing. Crickets. Even Woke All-Star Challenge Champion Jemele Hill didn't have it in her to cheer on the first Japanese Masters champion.

• Yesterday, my wife and I made our first trip to a greenhouse this year. Now we'll have to go back minus the four-year-old and the eight-year-old. At least they found a frog to keep them busy while my wife and I figured out how to get some silence and a return trip without the boys. At least nothing was destroyed before we left.

• GM robotaxis are coming soon. The days of getting into an Uber and instantly regretting it are nearly over as self-driving taxis are set to be tested in Dubai starting in 2023. The plan is to have 4,000 of these cars driving around Dubai by 2030, which means the U.S. should see these in the next 10 years. Vegas makes the most sense.

• Did you see how looting is back in Minneapolis? Foot Locker, T Mobile and a New York men's clothing store were hit after police shot and killed a 20-year-old during a traffic stop. Get ready for another week of destruction in Minnesota.

• And pubs in London reopened this morning. Scroll down to see the locals sucking down a cold one. Keep in mind, it's outdoor service only at this time. England's definitely not fully back, that's for sure.

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