'China Virus' Comment By Texans Chairman Cal McNair Deemed Insensitive

Late Tuesday afternoon, reporter Michael Silver broke a story which accuses Houston Texans Chairman Cal McNair of having used a racial slur in reference to the coronavirus last spring. As expected, the cancel culture mob caught wind of the news, dropped what they were doing and fantasized about another opportunity to play the victim.

The offensive "racial slur" McNair used was -- HORROR OF HORRORS! -- "China virus."


According to Silver, who coincidentally dropped this "exclusive" story hours after announcing he had left NFL Network and started working for Bally Sports, McNair told a crowd of more than 100 at a Texans charity golf outing: “I’m sorry that we couldn’t get together last year because of the China Virus.”

McNair's comment reportedly caused some attendees and employees to express concern.

“Everyone gasped,” one witness said, according to Silver's report, “especially the people directly across from him. He and Hannah seemed to think it was hilarious. It was dead silent.”

Because so many deemed it an insensitive racial slur, McNair had to follow the first prescribed step of cancel culture 101: issue a public apology.

“My comments at the event last May included an inappropriate choice of words,” said McNair in a statement to Bally Sports. “I immediately apologized to people who approached me then, and I apologize again now. I know how important it is to choose my words carefully. I would never want to offend anyone.”

While the COVID comment is unlikely to cancel Cal, he sure did give everyone a fright this Halloween week!

Unless he's hiding decades-old emails with the Washington Football Team front office though, the factual comment about COVID is unlikely to cancel Cal.


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