Chiefs Under Pressure To End Tomahawk Chop Celebration

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs are back on the big stage having clinched an AFC title, the wokies are at it again. According to reports, a group of Native Americans tossed up a couple billboards to complain about the tomahawk chop, and now apparently something must be done about it.

We tried to tell everyone that the Braves ditching their own chop would open up Pandora's box, but few listened. The Chiefs need to make a statement and assure Kansas City fans that the celebration isn't going away. It's the only way miserable people will stop asking us to address issues that don't affect anything except the subjective feelings of a handful of people.

How many fans do we really believe went to Braves games with ill intent against Native Americans? This group that paid for these signs knows the average person doing the chop is just at a game having fun. People aren't thinking about racial undertones as they jump up and down after a go-ahead home run. Quite literally not a soul in any stadium of any professional sports league gives a rip about anything other than celebrating in unison with fellow fans. It's a tradition that's been enjoyed by sports enthusiasts for generations.

These billboards were made to complain about the Chiefs' tomahawk chop because miserable people crave power. If they can moan and complain about a celebration and have it changed, then where does it end? Will it ever end? I probably could start a group whining about the eye black that athletes wear on Sundays and its ties to warriors. At what point should I be told to kick rocks and deal with it? For the billboard warriors, that point is now.

I mean, read this ridiculous statement from Chiefs' president Mark Donovan:

"You are going to have opinions on all sides on what we should and shouldn't do,'' he said. "We're going to continue to have those discussions. We're going to continue to make changes going forward, and hopefully changes that do what we hope, which is respect and honour Native American heritage while celebrating the fan experience.''

"We're going to continue to make changes," he says. Isn't that the key? Someone's unhappy, so something else needs to be tweaked. Our conclusion here should be that society will never be satisfied with subjective offense dominating the conversation. We've emboldened the perpetually offended, and they then continue their crusade against further offense and oppression.

We should be talking about a Chiefs-Patriots Super Bowl matchup, but instead the St. Petersburg-based Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental group for Equality decided to shed a tear and force us all to address an issue that isn't worth our time. Who gives a damn? Tell them that the tomahawk chop looks and sounds cool--because it does.

Move on.