Chiefs Heiress Has A Message For The Slobs Mad Over Pageant Swimsuit Competition

The slobs and complainers are out this week and their target is Chiefs heiress and NEW Miss Kansas USA 2021 Gracie Hunt, who was hit with the typical nonsense from the empowerment community who are mad over swimsuit competitions. I should've known this is where we'd be on Thursday after Hunt locked down her crown on Sunday. One minute, Hunt's celebrating her W on Instagram, the next minute, the slobs and losers are attacking her for being in shape, feeling great about herself and being Miss Kansas USA.

Gracie read the comments on Instagram and decided her next move would be to demolish the haters with her full swimsuit competition video. Just straight content murdered the fat loser slobs who wish they were in shape like Gracie.

You know what you never see some obese blob protesting in front of? The buffets that make them obese slobs.

"Miss Kansas USA fitness competition!💪🏼💥 This is something I am often asked about. Health and fitness are more relevant today than ever before, as an obesity crisis looms large over America. An athlete my entire life, it took pageantry to teach me sustainable, real life health habits," Gracie wrote on Instagram.

"Competing in fitness is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever chosen to do. Preparing for swimsuit competition helped me not only to look good, but to feel good. Exercise and healthful eating reduce stress, increase heart health as well as overall happiness and wellness. Swimsuit modeling or showing my work in the pursuit of health and fitness does not in any way diminish my worth as a woman. It does not abate my true strength, lessen my credibility, or degrade any other area of my life. In fact it reinforces the notion that pageantry develops a hard work ethic in all areas of competition and life lessons about living healthy inside and out.

"I want all women to feel empowered and strong, so that we may fulfill our potential and become the best versions of ourselves. We are all different. There is no 'one size fits all,' but there is confidence in knowing that you are better today than you were yesterday. Work towards health and strength, it is empowering and confidence building. Let us encourage others, serve our communities, and love ourselves, knowing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator (Psalm 139:14)."

Now, hopefully, this will be the last time we have to deal with Gracie's haters because I know you guys tend to get sick of Gracie content. That said, this had to be addressed. We cannot let the losers attack pageants with their cancel culture tactics. At some point, even if it requires another Gracie post, we have to put our foot down on these maniacs.

Today, Gracie moved on to promoting hygiene products that Kansas police officers will hand out to people on the streets who need them. Her reign is officially on.


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