Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Is Your Miss Kansas 2021

Gracie Hunt, heiress to the Kansas City Chiefs team her grandfather, Lamar, founded in 1959, has won the 2021 Miss Kansas USA crown, a title she now shares with her mother, Tavia, who won her crown in 1993. Gracie, a Texas native who graduated from SMU last fall and who used to date Broncos quarterback Drew Lock, met the pageant residency requirements by moving to Kansas to attend grad school at KU in January.

"OH MY GOODNESS! Dreams do come true!😭🎉❤️ I cannot put into words how honored I am to join the VANBROS family and Miss Kansas USA legacy and represent the amazing state of Kansas! Thank you to everyone who believed in me and to God for making my prayers a reality. I hope to make everyone proud through the next part of my journey. And so the adventure begins...," Gracie wrote on Instagram.

Now comes the Miss USA pageant and everything that comes with representing the Sunflower State. On her Miss Kansas account, Gracie says she works in the marketing and development department for the Chiefs. The heiress also notes she's working on a master's degree in Sport Management at KU.

It's not going to be a cakewalk for the Chiefs heiress at the Miss USA pageant where her mother finished as the 2nd runner-up in 1993. There will be all sorts of Miss USA hopefuls who aren't sitting on a $2.5 billion franchise, who are just college girls with huge dreams. Don't think for a second word doesn't get around the pageant world that Gracie has had all the best coaching (her mother), all the finances to go out and get the best spray tans, all the best gym equipment, all the best Q&A-prep coaches and incredible genes. It's going to be an absolute dog fight in November or whenever they decide to hold this year's competition.

Stay tuned.

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