Chase Claypool Has Perfect Reaction To Learning Someone Dropped $1K On Him Leading The League In TD's

If you wanted to throw some dough at Steelers receiver Chase Claypool to lead the league in touchdowns, you'd be able to lock him in at 90-1 odds with FanDuel. Apparently someone was feeling frisky this season and dropped $1,000 on Claypool for a $91,000 payday.

Chase Claypool, who was likely tagged, dropped an epic reply to his Twitter:

"Dad? Is that you," Claypool tweeted.

Hysterical, but honestly this isn't a bad play at all. To get in at 90-1 odds makes this move a low-risk investment. For perspective, throwing 20 bucks on Claypool at these odds lands you $1,800. That's massive. I think I'll even get in on this. Big Ben should rely on Claypool all season long as he tries to get back to his old self, so maybe it pushes this wager into reality?

If you have any interest in hopping on the "Chase Claypool to the moon" train -- you can do so here with FanDuel.


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