Chargers GM Talks Confidently About Job Security

Another Los Angeles Chargers season ended without a playoff appearance, and that marks the seventh time they've failed to qualify for the postseason in GM Tom Telesco's nine years.

But hey, there's nothing to worry about, he said.

“I don’t think a lot about job security,” Telesco told reporters.

And it might indeed to be silly for the Chargers to make a move at this point. After all, they came within one boneheaded decision from coach Brandon Staley to get back to the playoffs this year. It came in the regular-season's final game, when Staley called a timeout in overtime during a game that was tied vs. the Los Angeles Raiders.

Had the game ended in a tie, both the Chargers and Raiders would have qualified for a playoff spot. The Raiders admittedly were content to let the clock run out and go for the tie, allowing the Chargers to join them in the AFC Wild-Card Round.

But Staley's timeout made it seem as if he was playing to win. So the Raiders did the same -- and ended up winning.

That's hardly Telesco's fault, even if he did hire Staley.

Anyway, aside from that moment, the Chargers gave themselves a real chance to return to the playoffs and show that they are on the right path. That's a point Telesco made when talking to the media. This, he said, is a season off which to build and increase the momentum.

"Not really concerned with past years," he said, adding that this season is "a beginning more than anything else."

So yes, the Chargers have reason to believe that good things are still to come. They have a seemingly competent coach in Staley (on most days, anyway) and an extremely talented quarterback in Justin Herbert. Telesco is responsible for bringing in both.

This offseason may involve some changes for the Charges, but it only makes sense for Telesco to believe he won't be among them.

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