Chargers Coach Brandon Staley Recognizes Bolts' Star Power

The frisky, upstart Los Angeles Chargers currently sit at an impressive 4-1 record, no thanks to their home field advantage, which is all but non-existent since ownership abandoned sunny San Diego for the bright, apathetic lights of LA in 2017.

Instead of hearing the roar of the crowd in Inglewood each Sunday, Chargers games have become the league’s best exhibition games: a chance for bored weekenders to see what football is all about, and for out-of-state fans of other teams to stop by during a trip to the west coast.

Doesn't matter to the team, though, whose rising star power on both sides of the ball won’t be flying under the radar for much longer, especially in a town that values excitement over loyalty. There’s just no denying it: the Chargers look explosive on offense and fast on defense, and most importantly, seem galvanized as a real unit in the face of total and complete lack of interest in the city of Angels.

Head coach Brandon Staley recognized that star power in his remarks to the LA Times this week, specifically pointing to players like Justin Herbert, Mike Williams, and Joey Bosa as rising stars who can change the tide of public opinion in Los Angeles.

“I think that most people that watch the game like to see a lot of people touch the ball,” Staley said. “They want to see that continuity where it’s not just one person that’s dominating the ball. They want to see a team that can score a lot of different ways. And then I think people show up for stars in pro sports. Our team has a lot of them in terms of guys that the average fan is going to say, ‘That person stands out to me.’ We have them in all three phases in the game. The last thing that people are going to show up for is playing a complete team. We want to have a team that’s capable of beating people a lot of different ways.”

With wins over the Browns, Raiders, Chiefs, and WFT on their resume thus far, the Chargers have certainly found a variety of ways to play competitively and beat some of the best that the NFL has to offer. Staley and his unloved stars will travel to the east coast this Sunday for another big test, an early kick versus the ever-dangerous Baltimore Ravens. The team’s next home game is against the Patriots in Week 8.