Chad Johnson Has A Suggestion To Fix NFL's Pro Bowl

Chad Johnson wants to fix the Pro Bowl.

And he's not alone. On Tuesday, OutKick's Sam Amico passed along news that the NFL, per Ian Rapoport, is “discussing the Pro Bowl and ways to improve it.” One such discussion point is removing the Pro Bowl all together. Not that anyone would likely notice.

About the only thing less watchable than the Pro Bowl is The View. But at least one of the two is open for change.

That's where the artist formerly known as Ochocinco comes in. Johnson thinks the NFL's version of an All-Star game and it's lack of viewership, can mix young with old to improve their ratings and boost their popularity.

"Have the current pro bowlers play against the past era of pro bowlers, like an old school vs new school," said Johnson in a tweet.

His idea continued, suggesting that while the current and former pros would still be playing football, they'd do so minus the equipment and collisions. "Don't even need pads, can be flag formatted," added Johnson. "Would break the viewing ratings for a Pro Bowl easily..."

Crazy as it sounds, he's probably not wrong. Who wouldn't want to watch retired greats like Champ Bailey and Darrelle Revis attempt to lock down Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson? Is Micah Parsons chasing down LaDainian Tomlinson or Marshall Faulk? More than likely yes, but it would be fun as hell to watch.

On the surface, Johnson's admittedly-fun idea has two potential problems. The first being, what do you do with the lineman? Are the already mostly anonymous mountains of men just supposed to sit and watch? Do they push and shove one another sans pads? Again, I'd watch that.

Another problem is the fitness level of the former pros. While Johnson still looks like he can give you 30 snaps a game, a fair share of retired pros more closely resemble mathletes than athletes.

But there's plenty of time to hammer out the details. And if you don't like the idea, child please.

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