Carson Wentz Trade Saga May Take Longer Than Expected

With the NFL season officially over, it's time to start looking at teams and moves that will be made to try and make teams better for 2021.

One such move that has been talked about quite a bit since the end of the regular season is the future of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

The Eagles fired coach Doug Pederson over the disaster that took place late in the season when Wentz was benched for rookie Jalen Hurts, but that doesn't mean that the team is looking to keep Wentz in the fold moving forward.

There has been plenty of speculation about teams that have interest in Wentz. The Chicago Bears were reportedly close to getting a deal for the quarterback wrapped up by as early as this week.

Now though there are more reports coming out that Philly may not move Wentz as quickly as expected and that it could take a while for a trade to take place, according to NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo.

“I think a lot of folks thought, ‘Okay, Super Bowl is going to be over, and then in the morning, this trade is going to be finalized,’” Garafolo said.

“I made calls to everyone involved in this one and was told this morning that nothing is imminent. The Eagles are basically waiting for an offer that they think is worthwhile to trade away Carson Wentz.”

It could be that the Eagles want to get more of a bidding war for Wentz going and are waiting to see if more teams may get involved.

Right now, the two top contenders for Wentz continue to be the Bears and the Indianapolis Colts, who need a quarterback after the retirement of Philip Rivers.

“The Bears and the Colts are amongst the teams involved,” Garafolo said.

“I am told that there are more teams involved. I will also tell you that the Bears and Colts have other quarterbacks that they are keeping an eye on, so there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of chess and poker being played here.

"I can’t really put it on a time frame here. I think he gets traded. I can’t tell you how quickly, but it could be relatively quickly.”

There's no doubt that the Eagles are asking a high price for Wentz right now, but as time moves along and the NFL Draft closes in, that may drop some, especially if no team gives them what they are looking for.

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