Carson Wentz Says He's Playing Sunday, Possible Birth Of Child Be Darned

Attend your baby's birth, or help your football team reach .500.

This is the Saw-like scenario haunting Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz, whose wife Madison Wentz is super-pregnant heading into Week 10's matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars and on urgent notice to deliver the couple's baby any day now.

“I could get the call at any point here,” Wentz admitted, expecting his second child in the coming days, a little over a year since their firstborn arrived on April 2020.

Though torn by the notion of potentially missing the birth of their baby, Wentz had a discussion with his wife on his intention to be available for both parties but needing to arrive for the team's home game and help the Colts stay on track in their dwindling bid to win the AFC South — currently led by the AFC-best Tennessee Titans (7-2).

“She knew that. She’s been great. … I think God will time it up the way it’s supposed to be timed,” Wentz said, lauding his wife for showcasing grace toward a decision that would land men from any other profession in the doghouse. The two are expecting the birth of their second daughter.

Wentz anticipates a crucial matchup that could help propel the team (4-5) to a .500 record on Sunday against Jacksonville.

Though the Colts could certainly roll the dice against Urban Meyer's 2-6 squad with backup Sam Ehlinger, Indianapolis would be mistaken to underestimate the Jags following the Week 9 upset win against the Buffalo Bills.

Indy has gone 3-4 in their last four games, with Wentz's play, so far, uncharacteristic of the offseason forecasts. But still showing signs of life.

The QB does have a plan to bolt directly to the hospital after the game, should Mrs. Wentz go into labor during the contest.

“If it comes down to the game, I told my wife ‘I’m playing, and then I’ll come see you at the hospital afterwards.'"

It's game time, baby.

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