Carson Wentz Reportedly on 'Short Leash,' Lost Confidence with Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz has been bad in 2020, leading the NFL with 15 interceptions while struggling with routine throws. Eagles' fans are so fed up, they've called for his benching in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts. And it may happen before the season is over.

Sunday, Fox's Jay Glazer reports that Wentz is on a "short leash."

More importantly, Glazer notes that sources say Wentz lost confidence when the Eagles drafted Hurts in the second round.

Here's the segment:

If this is true, it says a lot about Wentz. Hurts was drafted as a backup, a needed position with Wentz's long injury history. The Packers drafted Jordan Love a round before Hurts as its likely successor, and it motivated Aaron Rodgers back to MVP form.

Philadelphia owes Wentz a lot of money in what's becoming a disastrous situation.

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