Cardinals Draftee Christian Matthew Nearly Gave Up On Football For Walmart

Christian Matthew, a cornerback out of Valdosta State, is a man with several career options and a very interesting story to tell. The Arizona Cardinals drafted him in the seventh round last month, giving Matthew a chance to chase his NFL dreams.

But Matthew, 25, isn't stupid. He knew that he needed to have another plan, in case the NFL didn't pan out for him. And he found one -- at Walmart.

According to Matthew, Walmart had offered him a solid role as a store director, a position with a good salary and tremendous opportunity for growth and experience.

“I was thinking of doing that," Matthew said via Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. "It was my first step to having management experience and getting my career off the field started. Hopefully, that would’ve led to something bigger down the line with a corporation. I was real close, but my friends and family kept me with a level head.”

In fact, he credits his girlfriend with convincing him to put Walmart aside and take a risk in the NFL.

“My girlfriend had a real candid conversation with me,” Matthew said. “She let me know, if I really want to do it, she supports me.

“But at the same time, my opportunity to live out my dreams and play football at a higher level, that window is way smaller than the window of being a manager at Walmart.”

Sounds like a keeper, Matthew.

Anyway, Matthew may have been drafted, but that doesn't mean he'll make the team. Arizona does not have to finalize its 53-man roster until just before the season opens in the fall. In the mean time, Matthew will compete against fellow cornerbacks Byron Murphy Jr., Marco Wilson, Jeff Gladney, Antonio Hamilton, Breon Borders, Jace Whittaker and Nate Brooks for one of those limited spots.

We wish Matthew well, in whichever direction his career takes him.