Can Someone Translate What RG3 Is Trying To Say About Jameis Winston?

I need your help! I've spent the last 12 hours trying to get the point or joke Robert Griffin III was going for when he started tweeting Sunday about Jameis Winston, crab legs, a new contract and more crab leg references. I've racked my brain trying to figure out whether this is RG3 taking a shot at Jameis or if RG3 is joining the Jameis bandwagon after destroying the Packers with FIVE touchdown passes on 14 completions.

Go ahead, read the RG3-Jameis tweets and you try to figure this out because I'm completely baffled here and need a translator. This looks like something out of a Spanish to English Google Translator where there are words missing that would make things clear.

I'm not sure if RG3 is picking a fight with Jameis by posting multiple references to stolen crab legs. I can't figure out if someone at ESPN is prodding this cornball brotha into creating a fake beef in the name of ratings. I can't figure out if RG3 is the smartest guy in the room or if I'm just too dumb to figure out the meaning of these tweets.

Email translations to:

Now, if you think that was something out of RG3, you have to watch Jameis try to remember an inspirational quote from his trainer. It's going to be an NFL season for the ages if this is the content we're getting for the next 16 weeks. You can't draw it up any better than this:

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