Cam Newton Is Awful (Again) In First Half Against Rams

The Los Angeles Rams lead 17-3 over Cam Newton's New England Patriots, and it's been ugly. Newton has thrown for just 89 yards and pretty much solidified himself as a QB laughing stock.

Jared Goff hasn't lit it up either, having thrown for just 96 yards. He threw for 351 yards last week. Fortunately for Goff, the Rams' defense is dominating New England's offense so badly that they haven't needed much offense themselves.

So far, both quarterbacks have thrown a pick with not much else to show for themselves. Jared Goff has just had a better team tonight and that's the difference. Cam Newton's time looks to be coming to a close at season's end, and it's honestly been sad to watch.

Buckle up for the second half that is largely expected to get even uglier for Cam.