Calvin Johnson's Frosty Relationship With Lions Appears Far From Thawing

If the Detroit Lions are expecting a shout out from former receiver Calvin Johnson at next month's Hall of Fame enshrinement, they may want to dial back their expectations. When it comes to the Motor City, Megatron's "got nothing to say".

Johnson, who shocked the NFL by retiring at age 30, is in no rush to mend his fractured relationship with the Lions: “I’m definitely going to bring up a lot of people that I’m thankful for,” Johnson told Clark Judge of Talk of Fame Network. “There are so many people during my career that had an impact and those specific people I’m going to try (thank) … at least I have them on the ticker. But I’m not going to mention everybody. As far as the Lions, hey, I got nothing to say.”

To say the relationship between Johnson and the organization has been rocky since his retirement, would be like saying O.J.Simpson has a bit of a temper .

Upon retiring in 2015, the organization insisted upon Megatron repaying part of his signing-bonus and refused to relinquish his rights. By doing so, the Lions prevented him from playing for another team - something that appealed to Johnson after years of losing. Ever since, Johnson's been salty towards team president Rod Wood and the Lions organization:

“I’m sure I’m going to run into him,” Johnson said of Wood. “But you know me: I keep it short. I keep it moving. I go about my business.

“Put it like this: I’m not going to be seeing my family a whole lot during this whole weekend, so I’m going to be looking forward to seeing them whenever I get a chance to. So If I pass Rod Wood, I’m going to keep moving.”

The Lions previously acknowledged that they'd like to repair the relationship, but Johnson's about as interested in doing so as defensive backs were in covering him:

“It’s kind of been a standstill there,” Johnson said. “I’m five years out now. I’m not wasting any time waiting on them.”

Johnson's Hall of Fame speech is slated to air on NFL Network and ESPN on Sunday, August 8th. The Lions may want to change the channel.