Buffalo Renamed Street 'Hurdle Avenue' In Honor Of Josh Allen

There's no doubt that the city of Buffalo loves their quarterback, Josh Allen.

Since joining the Bills in 2018, Allen has become a star and helped turn the franchise into a Super Bowl contender for the first time in decades.

I've had the opportunity to interview Josh multiple times and he is no doubt, the man. He's down to earth, humble, funny and also has an awesome sense of humor. Legit just someone you want to pound beers with and watch Netflix.

Allen's also a damn good quarterback.

On Sunday, Allen was in an absolutely wild game against the Kansas City Chiefs that ultimately saw the Bills win 24-20 in the final minutes. One of the plays that went viral was Allen hurdling over a Chiefs defender in the 4th quarter as he made his way to the red zone.


So what did the Buffalo faithful do?

They decided to rename a street in honor of Allen's rushing.

Hertel Ave. has now become Hurdle Ave.


In addition to the name change, there is an attached standup of Allen hurdling the sign.

As well as a warning that reads, "If you steal this I hope your kids end up being Patriots fans."

The Bills have been one of the most exciting teams to watch in the past few years. And Allen has already proved himself to be a top-tier quarterback that is going to be exciting as hell to watch in the coming years.

Something tells me that nobody is going to be dumb enough to mess with the best thing that's happened to their city in years.

The Bills have a bye this week before playing Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on October 30th.