Buffalo Bills CB Tre'Davious White Exits Game Against Saints Fearing Potential Season-Ending Injury

Lead Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White left the Thursday evening game against the New Orleans Saints with a knee injury — which many are speculating to be an ACL injury, based on the player's real-time grimacing.

OutKick's ProFootball Doc expressed concern over the potentially season-ending injury when White frustratingly reacted to his injury on the sideline after walking off the field.

"Unfortunately, fears of ACL escalated," tweeted Dr. Chao after observing White's disappointment with Buffalo's medical team.

On the play, White was seen in tight coverage on Saints receiver Marquez Callaway in the second quarter when the cornerback started limping after a routine play.

Per Dr. Chao's assessment, "The Bills star corner suffered a knee injury and by the video there is worry for an ACL tear." He added, "While down on the field, the Bills training staff performed the Lachman test on his left knee, which is an on-field test for an ACL tear. The LSU alum went into the blue tent before heading to the locker room and eventually being ruled out."

White was ruled out for the game after his evaluation.

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