Budda Baker's Top Speed During INT Return Barely Faster Than Daniel Jones

The Daniel Jones top speed storyline continues fascinate. Seven weeks into the season, the Giants quarterback put up the league's 18th fastest speed (21.23 mph) on an 80-yard run Thursday against the Eagles.

But Sunday night, Arizona free safety Budda Baker and Seattle wide receiver DK Metcalf both gave Daniel Jones a run for his money. During the second quarter of the Seahawks-Cardinals game, Baker jumped in front of a Russell Wilson lob pass and took off on a 90-yard interception return that ended when Metcalf caught up to him. During this play, Metcalf hit a top speed of 21.66 while Baker hit a top speed of 21.27, which according to NextGen States, are good to crack the top five speeds of 2020.

That Baker top speed was just four one-hundredths faster than Jones during his run. Metcalf may have been shot out of a cannon, the way he ran Baker down, but the wide receiver's top speed ended up fifth fastest in the NFL this season. Injured 49ers running back Raheem Mostert has the two top speeds of the year with 22.73 and 23.09 mph.

"I was running, and next thing you know, I see big 14 coming after me," Baker said after the Sunday night game. "He got me. That's the first time I've ever been hawked in my entire life."

We have ourselves an old-fashioned top speed-off, and Daniel Jones is right there in the mix. The QB may have more interceptions than touchdown passes, but at least he can run with the best of them. His speed just might be enough keep him around the NFL for a few years after the Giants dump him.


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