Buccaneers QB Tom Brady Inks A Deal To Endorse Subway, Even Though He's Never Eaten There

Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady has a new endorsement deal, but don't count on Brady to enjoy any of the sandwiches at his new gig.

Brady has landed a deal with Subway, the sandwich shop that makes your sub right in front of you.

According to the guidelines of the TB12 diet that Brady helped develop, Subway is most definitely not on the list of approved things to eat.

Despite that, Brady is lined up as the next pitchman for the subs. He has already shot a Subway spot, which is expected to debut in about a month,

Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal reports that the ad has already been shot and that Brady is NOT holding a Subway sandwich.

Brady isn't the only one-time Patriot to endorse Subway, as head coach Bill Belichick did a few commercial spots for the company during the season last year.

In one of the ads, the Patriots head coach happily eats one of the subs and devours it quickly. That spot was shot last summer in a town in Connecticut.

Brady has always been a huge proponent of natural foods, and not eating or consuming processed food.

“The way I see it, food companies are more like chemical companies than anything else,” Brady said.

“But we keep eating what they sell us and then wondering why the rates of disease and obesity are so high. Our bodies become toxic when we ingest toxic chemicals. .. When I think about ‘food,’ I picture an avocado, a banana, a salad, a handful of nuts, or a piece of fish.

"I don’t picture a box of cereal, a tub of margarine, a box of doughnuts, a bag of potato chips, or anything else manufactured using salt, sugar, fat, etc. Food should look like, smell like, and taste like food.

"I’m not saying to never eat the foods I just mentioned, as I know they taste good (and are marketed well). But try to limit them and eat more real, organic, local food.”

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