Buccaneers Draft Pick Ko Kieft & His Crew Celebrate Over Garage Beers

I think it's official -- Thursday Night Mowing League has no choice but to root for Buccaneers 6th round draft pick Ko Kieft. Membership has no choice but to get on the Kieft bandwagon after video surfaced from Kieft's draft celebration which was held in a garage.

The Minnesota Gophers product was surrounded by family and friends Saturday when Todd Bowles and the Tampa Bay staff interrupted garage beers to tell Kieft that he was officially headed to Florida for his first job out of college -- with leaf rakes in the background.

"Seriously? No way. That's wild," Kieft says as the garage beers crowd rises to its feet for the call they'd all been waiting for.

"Tampa," Kieft says at the end of the call with his arms raised in the air as the garage beers crew went wild.

This is the power of garage beers. Positive energy. Big moments. The happiest of times.

Look at Ko Kieft. He's pretty much a Lord of the Rings character playing the tight end position. He loves crushing beers -- see his Instagram below celebrating the end of his college career. And I'd be very surprised if he and his dad aren't TNML members.

It looks like his dad just got done lubing up the mower in the NFL Draft video.

This is the midwest being the midwest. Sure, some guys do the man cave thing, but this was a Saturday afternoon/night. This time of year we have to do things like powerwash patio furniture, cut tree limbs, run gas lines for our patio firepits.

If I know anything about Kieft's dad, Jerry, it's that he celebrated with his son and then asked who wanted burgers, brats and he was "buying" for anyone that needed a cold one out of the garage fridge. That's the midwest I know.

And if you like Kieft's celebration party, get a load of Cordell Volson's draft party as he got the call from the Bengals.

Throw a 30-pack under the arm & inject these garage beers and barn parties right into my veins.

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