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Have we entered an era of franchise QBs forcing their way out like owners forced their way into new cities?

I spent a chunk of my Monday night watching the Al Davis vs. Pete Rozelle 30 for 30 and getting caught up on things that were going on with the NFL before I was of age to understand the inner workings of the Shield. I didn't understand that Al Davis helped create the ability of NFL franchises to open up bidding from other cities, which ultimately led to franchises moving from Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis and Houston.

Now we're starting to get hints of NFL franchise quarterbacks wanting to force their way out of cities we all just assumed they'd never leave. While I was watching the 30 for 30, CBS reporter Jason La Canfora reported he's "hearing Russell Wilson’s camp has grown increasingly frustrated by the Seahawks' inability to protect the 8 time Pro Bowler. He has been sacked 394 times in 9 seasons. This situation warrants serious monitoring."

There are also rumblings of trade offers being thrown out for Wilson. Then you have DeShaun Watson telling the Texans he wants a trade. Just don't be shocked when the NFL enters a new phase like the one that Al Davis set off via his fight with Rozelle. Tom Brady just went and picked the ideal team to play for. It seems some of the young guns are getting the hint that staying in one place for 20 years might not be the best situation.

This warrants monitoring.

• Have you been monitoring the Gorilla Glue in the hair story? I saw it in passing over the weekend, but then my wife heard about it and now she's all glued in on this one. The latest is that the lady is thinking about suing Gorilla Glue because it doesn't warn against using it in your hair. Seriously.

Reddit has a new valuation....$6 BILLION. Bet you're wishing you would've thought up that message board idea years ago.

• I was reading up on MLB's plan to deaden baseballs on drives over 375 feet. I grew up absolutely diehard over baseball, but I've come to realize I enjoy mowing the lawn, drinking patio beers, and listening to the birds chirp compared to sitting through a 3 1/2 hour game that is filled with 4-5 minutes of action. Good luck to all the nerds out there who'll spend their summer analyzing MLB's deadened baseball and what it means to the players' WAR. I'll be at a golf course actually living life.

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