Broncos Favored to Land Deshaun Watson

Like all gambling stories at OutKick, this could contain Game of Thrones spoilers. If you still haven't finished the show, you've been warned.

I doubt you saw this one coming. At the FanDuel SportsBook, the Denver Broncos are now favored to land Deshaun Watson:

Denver has not come up much, if at all, in the daily Watson rumor updates. Though who are we to question Vegas? It was they who moved the Colts to heavy favorites for Carson Wentz hours before he was traded and favored Bran Stark to sit alone on The Iron Throne.

That said, I can't quite make clear why the Texans would prefer to do business with the Broncos over the Jets and Dolphins, two teams with far better assets to trade.

Furthermore, Watson has to waive his no-trade clause to complete a trade. Is he aching to meet Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert twice a season? If so, talk about the anti-LeBron, there is no running in Watson.

Should Watson truly take his next snap with the Broncos, I would predict this team to make a Wild Card run. It has talent on both sides of the ball and is built to counter offenses that move up and down the field. The big question then is: does Watson look good in Broncos' orange? Honestly, we can't say because the Photoshop guys are way behind Vegas on this one. However, he didn't look too bad in Clemson orange...

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