Brett Favre Says Davante Adams Won't Be The Same Without Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre doesn't think Davante Adams will be as good with Derek Carr throwing him footballs as opposed to Aaron Rodgers. Well done on that take, Mr. Favre. Really went out on a limb on this one.

Favre spoke with the goobers at TMZ to offer his prediction for the upcoming season.

"It's just hard to shift gears," Favre said. "Especially from a player as prolific as Aaron Rodgers. I think Derek Carr is a very good quarterback," Brett said. "But, he's not in Aaron's league yet. May never be. And, that's no disrespect."

Is it possible that the 29-year-old receiver won't be struggling to "shift gears," he just won't have 50-yard bombs hitting him in the chest?

Literally everyone, and we mean everyone, knows Adams will take some type of step back in Vegas — but the Raiders didn't sign the former Packers' star to repeat what he did in Green Bay. 

Davante Adams was brought in to be a beast, and if he puts up anything remotely similar to the 123 catches for 1,553 yards and 11 TDs, he's worth every penny of that five-year, $140 million deal.

Favre probably shouted out the first thing that hit his mind when asked about Adams with the Raiders and his brain farted out the most obvious statement of 2022.

That having worse teammates makes it less likely you'll be successful. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.