Brady Responds To Gronk's Retirement

Rob Gronkowski has retired for the millionth time, and if he continues to win, why not? But in the meantime, Tom Brady left him a farewell message on Instagram. Gronk's agent said earlier this week that the future Hall of Fame tight end could still come back if Brady called, though.

Don't really know how to feel writing goodbye letters to players we all know good and well might return to the field.

"Teammate, friend, brother, just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of , Brady wrote in the Instagram post. "Nobody has ever embodied the idea of 'leaving it all out on the field' like Rob has throughout his entire career. Every single snap, I knew that no matter how many people you put in front of him, he was going to get to his spot," Brady wrote.

Imagine one of your co-workers leaving a message for you like this? He wasn't done, either.

"Even more important is the person he was off the field. Focused when he had to be, and FUN the rest of the time. Having Gronk in your locker room was every NFL players dream. I'm proud of all that we've accomplished together, and even more excited for all you have ahead of you."

Even former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III shared a comment about the two legends.

"Greatest tight end ever," he wrote. Not only that, but to Brady, he's his most reliable teammate he ever had. Obviously there's plenty respect to go around between the two when they'll come out of retirement for each other.

Gronk will be back, so take this misty-eyed goodbye with a grain of salt. Chances are high these two retire the same year and enter the Football Hall of Fame together. If anyone would -- it's these two.

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