Bills Update Health Status On Damar Hamlin; NFL Says No Game Resumption This Week

CINCINNATI — Everyone wants to know the status of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and a University of Cincinnati Medical Center staffer told OutKick on Tuesday afternoon there was no update at this time.

But the NFL and Buffalo Bills did what they could to provide some information.

The NFL announced it would not resume the Bills-Bengals game "this week." It also said there would be no changes to the Week 18 schedule, which features a 16-game slate on Saturday and Sunday.

Full statement from the league:

"The NFL continues to be in regular contact with the medical team caring for Damar Hamlin, and also the Bills and Bengals organizations and the NFL Players Association.

"After speaking with both teams and NFLPA leadership, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the clubs today that the Bills-Bengals game will not be resumed this week.

"The NFL has made no decision regarding the possible resumption of the game at a later date.

"The league has not made any changes to the Week 18 regular season schedule."

The Latest Damar Hamlin Update From Bills

And this from the Buffalo Bills:

So in total we now are aware Hamlin was in the UC Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit in critical condition and that's basically it.

The Hamlin family released a statement thanking fans and other for their prayers and contributions to the Hamlin Foundation GoFundme page but gave no update on Hamlin's medical condition. Their statement did say something curious:

"We will release updates as soon as we have them," the family statement read.

That suggests the family is anxiously awaiting new medical information on Hamlin. As we all are.

In the mean time, all of the NFL teams changed their Twitter avatars to show support of Hamlin.

This continues to be a developing story. OutKick will provide updates as we have them.

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