Bills Fan Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Includes A Surprise For New Jets Fan Son-In-Law

Bills fan Tom Wayne is clearly one of those dads who loves a good time, a comfortable spot to watch NFL games, and agitating Jets fans, especially now that his beloved Bills are back on top of the AFC East. Tom's daughter, Tiffany, married Jets fan Trevor on May 15, and that meant Tom went into overdrive thinking about how he could bring a little Bills Mafia flair to the wedding reception.

It went like this:

Tom and Tiffany went the traditional route and selected a Tim McGraw classic "My Little Girl" as their father-daughter dance song. They went through the routine of acting like it was the most emotional moment of their lives as Trevor looked on. Thirty seconds passed, the wedding photographers got their obligatory shots for the photo albums ... AND THEN TOM & TIFFANY WENT COMPLETE HEELS RIGHT IN TREVOR'S FACE ... and "Shout" started blaring from the wedding DJ's speakers.

The Bills make me wanna SHOUT!

Kick your heels up and SHOUT!

Throw your hands up and SHOUT!

Throw your head back and SHOUT!

C’mon now, the Bills are makin’ it happen now…

Stand up now c’mon and shout..


Say you will

SHOUT it right now baby

“No, he had no idea,” Wayne told of Trevor. “He’s a good guy, and we trash talk constantly. He didn’t know it was coming, but I’m sure deep down he wasn’t really surprised because he knew there was going to be something where we made some comment about the Jets.”

And now Trevor's officially welcomed to Tom's family. I don't know these people at all, but this nearly brings a tear to my eye just thinking of how much the Bills mean to Tom. Yes, he would've preferred his daughter marry a Bills fan, but now he has a Jets son-in-law to ride over the upcoming years as Josh Allen develops into one of the NFL's best.

The only disappointment here is that Trevor didn't have a pact with Tom where the guys had a secret deal where Trevor knew about the song and acted all pissed off to the point where Tom dropped him through a table as Tiffany freaked out.

Now that would've been some content. Someone out there needs to pull off that scene.

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