Bill Belichick Gets Crabby When Pressed About Patriots QB Cam Newton

Bill Belichick is known for trying to keep things close to the vest and getting testy with reporters. It's good to see the man hasn't changed.

Belichick has said over and over that, barring injury, the New England Patriots will not move on from Cam Newton as their starting quarterback. So when Belichick was asked about it again on Wednesday, he became characteristically -- even understandably -- irritated.

It was ESPN's Mike Reiss who posed the question, asking if Newton would indeed remain the starter for Monday's game vs. the Buffalo Bills.

"We're not answering that question every day," Belichick said.

Reiss followed up by telling Belichick he understood, then explained why he asked.

"How about if I let you know if we're going to make a change?" Belichick retorted.

Finally, Reiss asked him if he didn't want to say anything about Newton's status so that he could maintain a competitive advantage.

Again, Belichick seemed annoyed. "Any questions about Buffalo, Mike?" he asked.

It's been a tough year for Belichick, Newton and the Patriots in the the first season following the Tom Brady era. At 6-8, they're all but eliminated from playoff contention. Newton isn't the same player he was during his heyday with the Carolina Panthers, and there are questions about whether he'll even be the starter next season.

But whatever you do, don't ask Belichick about any of that.

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