Belichick Praises Cam: 'Nothing But Positive Thoughts'

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gave his first elaborate response since the team released veteran quarterback Cam Newton last week.

Belichick appeared on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning and said it’s always difficult having to reduce a team's roster.

"A lot of guys that worked hard. A lot of guys that performed well and had either good years for us, or good careers," Belichick said, per WEEI Sports Radio Network. "I respect all those things, but each year is its own year and I have to do what I feel like is best for the football team and so regards to every decision, that’s what I try to do. It’s always tough to tell guys who have worked hard and have given you all they had that you’re not able to keep them."

Belichick said Newton showed up and worked hard, but ultimately the team's future is with Mac Jones under center.

“I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam," Belichick said. "He came in here, he worked hard. He gave us everything he had. Right now, our future is going to be Mac at quarterback, and that is where we’re going to go.”

The sports radio network reports that during Belichick's press conference the day after Newton's release, the head coach didn't mention Newton's name or provide insight on the move. Belichick told Greg Hill that there were a ton of options, but ultimately, he did what he felt was best for the team.

“Yeah, there’s always options and a lot of different things that you give, especially this time of year with so many players available before they all hit the practice squad," Belichick said. "But, yeah, in the end we did what we felt was best.”

Newton still remains a free agent as of Tuesday.

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