Bears Fans NOT Amused By Russell Wilson April Fool's Prank

NFL Memes on Twitter chose violence this morning as they pulled the trigger on a 'Russell Wilson trade to the Bears' prank. We don't feel sorry for Bears fans that often...but this is actually kinda funny.

First it was the signing of Andy Dalton -- now it's the mirage of Russell Wilson. Hang in there, Chicago.

People have to remember to pay attention to the checkmarked accounts. I know we make fun of verified journalists, but sports reports have to be from verified accounts. Every once in a while, guys like ESPN's Jeff Passan accidentally retweet posts like this and it's nearly impossible to figure out what to believe.

Regardless, Bears fans should've prepared for this type of torture on April 1. They're choosing to be Bears fans, so I guess we can't expect them to be too smart, huh?