Baker Mayfield, Browns Take A Shot At Colin Cowherd With Playoff-Clinching Call

Maserati. That's the name of the play the Cleveland Browns called for Baker Mayfield on 3rd & 2 with 1:10 left in the fourth quarter against the Steelers. Mayfield caught a block and the play call, dedicated to something Colin Cowherd said about the Browns quarterback way back in 2018.

“It was for short yardage this week, and we called it,” Joel Bitonio told MMQB. “I was kinda giving Baker a little bit of crap earlier in the week about his speed, having him run the ball. It was a good play getting the extra blocker with Kareem leading the way there. I was on the backside so I just kinda cut my guy off. I saw him get the first down and get down in bounds, and I knew we had the game sealed."

According to Albert Breer, Maserati hadn't appeared in the previous 15 game plans before Sunday.

Mayfield and the Browns haven't forgotten what Cowherd said about their quarterback during his rookie season.

“When you’re a No. 1 pick, I want you to be a Maserati, not a Mazda," Cowherd said on his show. "Baker’s a Mazda in the NFL. He looked overwhelmed physically. He doesn’t have a great arm. Couldn’t outrun a lineman. Nothing wrong with a Mazda. I’ve driven a Mazda. I like Mazda. But you pay $85,000 for a car, that’s a No. 1 pick. You pay $85,000, you bragging about the cup holder? 

"If you don’t get ‘wow’ moments from your quarterback the first time you see him on a football field, then you made the wrong pick."

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