Baker Mayfield, Browns Still Stuck In Pro Football Purgatory

This week in quarterback Baker Mayfield v. the Cleveland Browns ... well, it's more of the same.

The Browns don't want to outright cut him, they don't want to pay a portion of his salary in a trade and they don't want him on the team.

Quite a conundrum, no?

But if the Browns did decide to cut him, the Carolina Panthers may have an interest. Of course, this isn't really anything new. The Panthers have had an interest for quite some time, and even explored a Mayfield trade during April's NFL Draft, as we relayed on the previous episode.

Then there's the Seattle Seahawks. Per, the Seahawks would maybe take a flyer on Mayfield, too. In the event he's cut, of course.

The Browns don't need nor want Mayfield. That's true even if Deshaun Watson is suspended by the NFL, either for just multiple games or for the entire season. Mayfield doesn't want the Browns, either.

The relationship is over. Except it isn't.

"Mayfield is owed a guaranteed $18.8 million in 2022," wrote Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports. "The Browns would be on the hook for the entire salary if they cut him, so they would likely rather eat a large portion in order to help facilitate a trade."

As DelVecchio went on to write, the Browns could always keep Mayfield on the roster until the trade deadline, and see if a deal develops before then.

So this episode of Mayfield v. the Browns end the same as it always does -- with one gigantic cliffhanger.

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