Asante Samuel Throws Shade At New England's 'Patriot Way'

Retired defensive back Asante Samuel spent five seasons of his NFL career playing in New England, which was more than enough time for him to decide he wasn't buying what head coach Bill Belichick was selling - "The Patriot Way."

“Some of them brainwashed with that Patriot Way," Samuel said of his New England teammates during an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast. "I’m not going for none of that. I don’t know what no Patriot Way is."

If ever there were a chance for Samuel to learn the ins and outs of the Patriot Way and potentially buy in, the opportunity quickly passed after he was named an All-Pro in 2007 then deemed a forgotten man by the organization once free agency hit.

“All of them company men, talking about Patriot Way,” Samuel said via I Am Athlete. “I don’t know none of that. I’m here to get money, take care of my family, the same way Belichick is here to take care of his family, get his money."

New England opted not to commit to Samuel long term and eventually signed with the Philadelphia Eagles for $56 million over five years.

The fact that Belichick and the Patriots didn't hesitate to show Samuel the door, despite his Super Bowl rings and All-Pro performance, has left a sour taste in his mouth and forever changed his view on his former coach and organization.

"...When you try to hold my money back and you want all your money, I no respect for you," insisted Samuel.

Now 41, Samuel finished his pro career with 51 interceptions, two Super Bowl rings, and one big grudge.


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